In here, you will find all the things that have kept me busy in the past couple of years. You can also find them at Stitchenjoy.

In my teenage years, when we were taught in school how to crochet and make dresses, I never paid much attention to the lessons and even paid somebody to make my projects for me. Now, a couple of decades after, I painstakingly looked for the right school (one which hold weekend classes, while I go working in the weekdays) to learn dressmaking. All of a sudden too, I began researching in YouTube, how to Crochet. The decision and the learning came quickly, as one would when you’re interested in gaining something of value.

More and more friends then have taken interest in what I do, and I have them to thank for, for less idle time.  It is sometimes very exhausting, and at the same time, gives me a sense of fulfillment. I love my life, and I love my craft!

Hope you will too … 🙂


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