So here I am again, after two years of virtual silence…

What can I say? Once again, I have let my depression and workaholic me to take control. I have been online all these time, but I haven’t opened myself up as I did before. I must have bumped myself in the head or something so, I’m here once more! 🙂


I come from a long line of teachers in our family, my sister is one and I have sort of sworn to myself that I will NEVER become like them. No, I don’t like the part where I have to stay up so late while I check test papers and what not, nor the part where I have to compute grades. Ugh! This is tough.

However, when I learned about online teaching sans the herculean tasks mentioned above, I got drawn to it like a pin to a magnet. I still remember my first teaching demo, because I failed it! But after that, I quickly checked out some YouTube videos for teaching tips and went on with my second demo. I guess, I just called on my ancestors and the power of all my teacher DNA that time (I’m a physiotherapist by profession, not a teacher). I got my foot in the door and the rest is history.

I’d say that, all it takes to succeed is guts and be at least good with something.

So this past 2+ years, I’ve been teaching English online and have even managed a bunch of teachers (and this is what kept me really busy!) You can’t imagine having to work a 10-hour shift, trying to do admin stuff and giving support, moral and technical, to all those online English teachers – but yeah, I did and after a couple of years of doing so, I decided to quit it. Just the supervisor thingy, but not being a teacher. I found great passion in teaching my students, who are scattered all over the globe. You see, I do not only get to teach them, but they teach me too, about their country, geography, history and culture.

This kind of interaction is truly valuable for me.

Though I am their teacher, I can humbly say that I, too, am their student.

So hey, if you’re interested to learn English with me, please click on this first link. If you wanna join me and become an online teacher, click on this second link. If you need my help or anything, you know where to reach me. :wink, wink:

Thank you for dropping by. See yah!