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No pun intended … I just remembered the Vapors song about Turning Japanese, and has nothing to do with lyric interpretation here.

Okayyy… so, since I left the corporate world, I’ve only been staying at home.

Doing what?

I am now an online English teacher for Japanese students. I would really love to have more students, other than those coming from the Land of the Rising Sun, but it’s the company’s choice of market. (I hope in the future, we expand the market to China!)

It is totally loads of fun, meeting my students, sharing jokes and ideas with them and helping them learn English at the same time!

One day, one of my students — Sakura, taught me how to make Omurice (japanese omelette). My Kids went crazy at their first try, and so, we make it ALMOST every day! Do you think we’re turning Japanese? 😁


Hmmm… well, they do have positive traits like being disciplined and hard-working, that we can adopt. Plus, this nutritious and very delicious omurice!

So, why not!?

Oh! For those interested to know the Omurice recipe, you can let me know by making a comment below.