We’ve gone back to our lovely mountain!

Unfortunately this time, sans our beloved Daddy…

It was a way for us to remember our good times with him, here on this mountain resort, and also to let him know that as we move on to live life without him, he will always stay in our hearts.

And this time, we welcomed the new year with dear friends, the people who have been with us in the past year. I am forever grateful to friends, for with them, life is made bearable, meaningful and more beautiful.


@The Temple of Leah, with the Domingo family, Marsha Halls and the Kids.

On the first day of 2015, we have discovered this massive building next to the mountain resort. I thought this was the famous restaurant that people go to, and they thought this was a hotel. If we had not decided to hike up to this place, we would not have discovered the wonder of this place!

The Temple of Leah! Is built (construction is still ongoing) by Teodorico Soriano Adarna, in memory of his beloved wife, Leah Adarna. Designed and built by the Adarna clan, this temple is an art gallery and museum, and shows us some amazing Greek/Roman architecture.

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We were all in awe and wonder at the magnificence of this temple. It is said to have 24 chambers, all to contain the collections of the family over the years. But for now, it is only the grounds and the lobby that’s open to the public.


The Kids have missed their Father terribly, and were quite teary-eyed when we entered the resort. But I guess, going back to this place, plus the fresh air, food, fun, and friends have somehow healed and patched up that empty space in our hearts. We were no longer a group of four, but now a bigger group, and one little darling Victoria!


Here’s wishing you all a great and smooth ride for 2015!

Thanks for dropping by.

See yah!