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There was a time, since I got my D5100, that it never left my grip. I took shots of almost everything I can lay my eyes on: food, Kids, events, things, places…


Then I got busy with work, and other stuff, and lost sight of it all.

Somewhere along the way, I got invited to join an exclusive group for Macro Photography.


My eyes popped.

I love how the minutest of things get so big, and so …

important all of a sudden!

I really was dying to try it, BUT when I asked around, a macro lens for a DSLR would cost me tons of money, which I am not prepared to part just yet.

Going back to this macro group, I kept on ogling at other people’s pictures, wishing they are mine.

All of a sudden, this young member started posting, and said that he only used a smartphone and a macro clip lens. Hey, wait… I’ve seen those in bazaars around town, but I have never believed they actually work!

But at the time of my great discovery, was the weekend when Hagupit was expected to wreck havoc in our country so, I had to wait for things to die down a bit.

So at the instant I was able to go out of the house, I immediately headed to where I first found these…


weeeh! What a joy to behold! I was so excited and was like a child, once again! But this time, instead of a DSLR, I have my smartphone in tow.

I am not that proud of my first shots though, for I could not find a single bug, spider, fly, ant … bah! So I have to content myself with plants and a few Chinese coins.

But only this time.

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what do you think?

oh, go easy on me please. 🙂 I am a beginner, and would really love to learn to take beautiful pix of you, guys. (if you remember my previous post about Strobes on Food)

Thanks for stopping by.

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