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A week ago, I was invited to attend a photography workshop hosted by iCenter, a local reseller of Apple products. The speaker was an acquaintance, someone I met when I volunteered a year ago to help with Typhoon Haiyan survivors.

So, with my Nikon D5100 in tow, we were given tips on how to shoot food.

And after much experimentation with the lighting, I tried to shoot…


There’s too much light, and it had to do with my camera settings. I took another shot, and this time, a tighter one.


But blurry… so, here’s another one.


Better, I think! But I also think that I could have done better, if only I had more time with the subject.

Well, I had to scoot and let someone else practice. And so, I had to deal with the special treat they gave to the workshop participants. I just had to take a picture of it first, before taking a bite.


And how I love them, being so Christmas-sy! (I’m Joy to the World, remember?)


Thanks y’all, for stopping by.

See yah!