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This is a short story, hurriedly done and posted outside our office door, as we dressed up as ghosts for the Halloween. {yeah, I know, this is super late! But better late than never…}

†† This is a story of six hardworking employees in one of the offices here in Oakridge Business Park, which happened in February of 2002. ††

All six of them were trying to beat the deadline that day, and had to go on overtime. The group agreed to go home by 11pm. Unfortunately, that never happened!

Unknown to the group, is the company’s security guard’s evil plan for that most gruesome night. The guard fell in love with Miguela, one of the lady employees. But love didn’t smile on him. Rather, he was scorned and mocked by this woman and the group she’s working with.

And so, on that dreadful night, when everyone but the six had gone home, he masterfully executed his revenge. He took them out one by one, when one of the group would go to the restroom, they were grabbed by the guard and butchered. He raped Miguela, before he mutilated her body and cut her head off. He placed her head on his desk, and capped the night with a loud BANG!

He knew, he will be caught and so, ended his own life to be with his lady love…

That was 12 years ago, and a new company called Catapult has settled in this very spot. And it is said that sometimes, especially when the moon is darkest, these ghost employees can be seen scuffling around, still trying to beat their DEADline.


That’s all Folks.

See yah!