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For thousands of years, people spoke of a fountain or spring that is said to restore YOUTH to anyone who drinks/bathes of its waters.

Writers have told of this magical body of water, and thousands have searched for it. It’s a myth, they said.

But what if that fountain is just a symbol? What if, it can be found just within you?

A friend has given me a copy of this book by Peter Kelder, that explains in detail the Five Rites (a set of yoga-like exercises that are do-able) that will help balance your energy centers and secrete hormones to make you youthful again.

Click on the image of the book below, to open your copy.


I have done 11 of each Rite now for 40 days, and feel that my back is stronger with the pain gone. I have not gone to a masseuse since, when I would go twice a month for a massage before I started the exercises. Yes, I have grey hair and though it is not that obvious, I do notice some black hair growing back!

My 60-ish friend has all grey hair, and is still doing 5 reps of each set, but what’s amazing is, the black baby hairs that are growing on her head! For real! I saw hers and that’s when I started to take a closer look at mine.

Of course, I always say, don’t believe me. Try it! See what it can do to you!

And tell us about it.




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