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It’s the time of the year once again, to celebrate United Nations Day.

My Kids were pretty excited to try out their costumes, and participated in the parade!

My daughter chose Egypt,

and was the young queen, Cleopatra.


Sophia, as young Cleopatra


with her teacher

I have made the costume myself, and took me close to two weeks to finish, due to my busy work schedule. Materials include a meter of white alpa geena cloth, a piece of metallic gold cloth for the yoke, belt, headdress and bangles, and a blue georgette (see-through) cloth for the cape. I also used a lot of beads and faux jewels to decorate the yoke and belt. The dress design was pretty much simple, but it was the beadwork that took much of my time to finish this costume.


For the headdress, I used black yarn, which I crocheted myself to give a braided-look, and  attached a golden clamp at the ends. What I also love is IN2IT’s black eyeliner, which was smooth and easy to apply and cool to the skin. It had a gel-kinda-feel, and thank my sister-in-law for it. It’s now in my list of things-to-buy this Christmas.


As for my son, I bought him an authentic “bahag” (loincloth) from Baguio City. It’s original and was woven by an Igorot.

Imagine my frustration when he told me, he is not joining the program. Fortunately, he later on decided to join, and bravely donn the bahag. Here’s how he looked with it.


The day ended.

My daughter then asked me, “What will be my costume for next year?”

Well, that’s one great question,

and I have got a lot of time to think about till next year.




Time to relax now.

See yah!