It’s a gloomy day today. Well, at least it was, till it rained cats and dogs! This is just the kind of day that makes me want to just lay on my bed, doing nothing … but today is just different!

I finished a whole round of the Metis set and 110 situps.

I went out early, to hand my extra seeds to a friend.

Washed my dirty baseball cap.


And these are not the things that I do on a regular basis.

Sounds like a miracle!

And even with the gloomy atmosphere, I cannot help to notice my sunny disposition. Today is just a special day for me. It’s my fifth month being a happy Catapulter, and therefore, I am now a regular employee. I did not expect to get a raise … so, read my lips:


you get the idea how much that is.

And now, WordPress just congratulated me, because I signed up with them a year ago. Imagine that! WordPress remembered, and I did not. hmmm… Could that be a sign of something?

I don’t know.

You tell me. 🙂 

‘love you, Folks! but bye for now…

see yah!