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Head of the Family

Daddy, Papang, Tatay, Papa, Tati, Pappi …

however we call them,

I wish you a Happy Fathers’ Day!

And on this day, I remember mine though he’s no longer with us. I’ll  remember him as the silent one, soft-spoken, patient, loving and kind father I’ve always had.

Papang and me

Papang and me

And like most fathers, you’ve provided and cared for us, seen us through our difficulties. You were always there for me, in school, in Life… Gave me a beautiful and comfortable life, but it was just me to leave so early and face the outside world. That was when I had to earn my own living and raise my Kids on my own. It was you who visited me often, and I hated how you’ve seen me during my lowest moments and yet, you stood by me.

Thank you, my dear Papang!

At times I miss you, and I know you are just there and so, you still make me smile! 🙂

I love you, ‘pang and know that to me, you are perfect!

Happy Fathers’ Day!