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Helloooo there!

A while back, I have been busy making clothes for friends, clients and the Kids. So busy that even though I have thought about making one for myself, I actually have no time to do it!

But thanks to the holidays, the longer weekend have provided me extra time for a much-needed addition to my wardrobe. You see, I am not a work-at-home mom anymore. I go to an office now, and this requires me to get up at a specific time of day and be at work on time. And also that I dress the part.

For me, it really is simple.

All I need to do is, to rummage through my stash of fabric. I know I’ve got everything in there to make a dress. And yes! I found a jersey (stretchy) type, print fabric that has shades of pink and black.

I decided on a simple cut, where I don’t have to put darts on the bodice, and the sleeves are continuous that I don’t have to attach them to the whole piece later on.

What I really like about sewing my own dress is that, I can choose my own design and execute them, and I won’t have a problem with the fitting, or unwanted accessories. Unlike buying from stores, I won’t need to resize or adjust something from it.



This one has a slight high-low (mullet), lettuce hem with a v-neckline that I like, because it elongates my neck a bit more. It’s so simple that I was able to finish it in just about 2 hours, and when worn, you have the option to use a belt on it or not. Either way would be just as good.

I am thinking of making a peplum blouse as my next for-me project, and perhaps also, another dress… I just hope I’ll have more time to do all these and also to go back to sewing as a business. My previous clients have all been bugging me already, asking me when I’ll take their orders.

In time…

for now, my clients are my Kids and myself, and to share with you guys.


Wish you all a Happy 5% Friday! (Why 5%?)




will tell you all about it next time.

Thanks for stopping by… See yah!