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Up where they walk, up where they run
Up where they stay all day in the sun
Wanderin’ free – wish I could be
Part of that world …

… Out of the sea
Wish I could be
Part of that world

I guess, a mermaid’s dream is to be part of our world. But at any point in a girl’s life, she dreams of becoming a mermaid too… Of being able to swim as fast as the fishes in the ocean, or to be able to breathe underwater, or to be just as mermaids are – – – beautiful!

Simply, beautiful.

And so to know how it would feel like having a tail, instead of legs, my daughter and I joined the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy here at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu City for a couple of hours of ‘mermaiding’ fun! (I wonder, is mermaiding already a word accepted by Merriam Webster?)


My daughter, wearing a monofin, while practicing her dolphin kick.

DSC_0136-001I have taught swimming to kids and adults alike, some 14 years ago, and donning a fish tail made me feel just like a non-swimmer. I was totally conscious of the tail, which felt a ton-heavy! (or perhaps, it was because the monofin material can break and I was being cautious not to break it or else I pay a pretty nice sum!) It seemed to pull me down, but I got used to swimming with the tail on after a while, and that’s when the fun part kicked in. I am glad too that the excitement has brushed off my daughter’s fear for putting her head down into the water, and she’s now got the moves, like Ariel.

DSC_0171-001 DSC_0208-001 DSC_0231-001 DSC_0240-001

Our session ended with a photo shoot, which we had to do in a hurry, because our photographer was already itching to be in the water! And I have to say, KUDOS to my son for taking such lovely pics.

there goes our photographer!

there goes our photographer!

Well, both Kids stayed in the pool after mermaiding class and the fun part did not end. For sure, I’ll donn the fish tail again soon or I’ll grow one, whichever comes first. As for Ariel’s song, we are indeed happy to be part of this world! Which one? Well, hers and ours, both! The switch is not too hard. In fact, it’s as easy as putting on your leggings. 🙂

So, till then folks!

Thanks for dropping by …