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Fun in Parenting

It’s been a while, ja? You guessed it right. I’ve been busy with this, that, and a lots of things. I really miss this. Writing. And so, perhaps, it is time to go back.

I am once again, a career mom, going out every day to work in an office. Honestly, it sucks. I wish I never left my home-based job. This way I spend more time with the Kiddos, and have time to write. And this really makes me sad right now, because I realize the corporate world isn’t where I should be, especially as a new school year’s going to open.

With the not-so-new work, I sometimes bring the Kids with me, and just recently the we had a company summer outing and obviously, the Kids were there too. I am just glad that the management approved it. If not, I wouldn’t have joined.

So here’s the thing about the photo… We sat at the bow (of the boat) while we were sailing, and after it was my highlight of the day, when the Kids kissed me and thanked me for letting them sit there. Their hearts raced a bit, for it was another adventure for them. They were excited to look down into the water and saw the corals and the fishes swimming around (and even jumping out of the water). They simply loved the experience.
As a parent, I would want them cooped up, and don’t want them to get hurt. But by doing so, they will not learn what needs to be learned. They can’t fly if they won’t spread their wings. So I have made it a point to let them try new things, but under my supervision. Under my protective watch, I let them discover the world and conquer their fears. And so we learn, have fun and live life … together.