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My thoughts about Death, and Life (the two are inseparable, it seems).

Not everyone would understand, death is a gift.

It should be as joyous as giving birth to a newborn babe, as it is our birth to the Spirit World, our true world.  It is shedding our earthly garments, taking in our true form – one which is the likeness of our Creator. The Light.

We live on Earth, the great vale of tears. We have entered into this world of suffering, of torment and tears, thinking that we are separate from one another. But no, we are not. Under the deceitful camouflage of flesh, is the light, The Soul – the Self, the Child of the Father.   We therefore carry within us The Light. And so whoever you may be, father, mother, sibling, child, family, neighbor, friend, enemy … you are not separate from me. We are one with the Father, with a definite and unique purpose in this Life.  And as we complete our Life’s journey, and come to its close, we never have the right to hold each other back.  We must freely let go and at the same time, reach out with great love to our departing loved one, to take on his journey back to our Home.

We are Souls, with bodies, and are only here to help each other complete our Life’s purpose.  As each mission gets completed, we go back to the Source.

Since childhood, that is how I look at Death (here on earth).

No, that’s how I look at our Birth into the Spirit World.  And that for me, is a happy moment.

It’s been 3 weeks since my father left us.  Yet, I have not shed a single tear. I do not know why, but perhaps it’s all the above mentioned things. It must be. And when I try to get into an “emo” moment, I still cannot cry. All I can do is think back of the happy times, the happy memories we had together, and most of all, ~ THE LOVE  ~ , which is the essential part of it all. And then, I smile, my heart smiles and I am filled with warmth.

He’ll be okay there (Heaven, as we call it). I am sure of it. And he’s watching over us, too, like an angel.

I still send my light and love to him, like I did when he was still with us. That’s what I do when I miss him. And I whisper a word of thanks, for the things he has taught me, for taking care of me in my youth, and for being a good father.

He must know by now, how much I love him!


To my Papang, I am forever grateful for the experience, knowledge and LOVE you showed me. Know that I love you, always and forever!