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I know it’s ancient news by now, and though I wanted to write about the big quake that hit us last October 15, I couldn’t do it immediately. Power was cut off for a while, and even when it came back, internet connection went from bad to worse.

I live in Central Visayas region, in Cebu City, where I have never known too many typhoons, nor earthquakes pass this paradise island. It has all changed now, and is far from my island many years back. On October 15, 2013, Bohol and Cebu were hit by a 7.2 quake. Bohol was hardest hit, with centuries-old churches toppling and flattened to the ground. A lot have been misplaced, with houses destroyed or that people got afraid to go back to their houses as they’ve been deemed unsafe. Cebu also has suffered, though not as much as in Bohol, but we also have lost precious lives. It was not easy, but we strove to be strong for one another.

And who would ever know, that in less than a month after the quake a very powerful typhoon would pass through the Visayas region? The good thing about typhoons is that, it can be detected before it makes a landfall, and therefore, we can prepare for its coming — unlike the quake. I know people have made all sorts of preparations, while Yolanda/Haiyan was still at the Pacific. But no matter how prepared we were, Haiyan was just too strong. People have focused coverage, relief operations in Leyte, but due to friends living in the North of Cebu and in Iloilo, we also learned that they are suffering just as much. And while most have given donations to Leyte, we are doing what we can to the people of the North.

Photo-2205Local and foreign people have been so gracious, sharing what they have – money and time, in order to help out. Kids have been helping out, too! And despite the tragedy, the immense outpouring of LOVE has greatly touched everyone’s hearts. We are all moving, the whole wide world is moving in whatever way we can.

We are thankful we have survived the disaster, thankful for the small communities, private sectors and everyone who helped and shared, thankful for the whole world who stopped and not just look our way.


My heart cries out daily to my brothers and sisters, who have been badly devastated by the calamities that hit our Land, hoping that one day, the suffering will end…

I love you, All!