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Months ago, when I started posting about gaming stuff, I noticed this great site liking my posts and following my crazy, erratic blog. And I had very much wanted to ask them to partner with  AllKeyShop’s CheapDigitalDownload.com, the company that I work for. But I was so much in awe and wonder, I lost the courage to tell them, “hey, it’s me … Joy to the World!”

But that was a few months back. It’s different now, and I finally told them.


Bliss. JOY. Happiness.

The feeling’s absolutely indescribable. But to put it plainly, I am more than happy to have known Beer and Joysticks, and that now they are hosting our Giveaway.

So, at this point, it is perfectly alright to just skip my ending… go to their site, join in the giveaway, and stay there for a little bit longer. They’ve got great stuff about Beer (surprise!) and Games (what else?)

ImageOh, and how to get there? Just click on the above image.