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Today’s a Holiday, in the Philippines (All Saints’ Day) and in Germany (Allerheiligen). I’m not sure though if it is in other parts of the world, especially that most have already celebrated Halloween yesterday.

Ah, but it must also be in France, too! I haven’t asked my boss (and I know, I should have asked him!), but he made today a free-to-ourselves day. And the best thing is, it’s a paid day off! Hey, really, who am I kidding? I never have a day off! So when I am not working on my PC, I am working fulltime as a homemaker and a mother.

Let me just tell you that today’s a happy day for me, because first, I finally found time to help my son with this school project. Nah, he does his projects most of the time, but this time, they were asked to make a model house – you know, like the ones architecture students make? But my son’s only 9, he doesn’t attend architecture class and already made cuts on his fingers twice! Bah! I just got to help him… and try not to make it too perfect. 🙂

Then, I found a really nice crochet tunic pattern, which I am going to try to make when I find the time. When I find the time, hah! But for now, I am just glad I found it (the pattern) and it’s mine to keep. And speaking of crochet, two days ago I finished a pumpkin hat for a customer, which I want to share with you all.

Photo-2193Well, what do you think?

A friend from high school sent me a message after she saw the hat, and asked me if I can teach her how to crochet. I gladly said yes, and we’ve agreed to meet this Sunday, the only day I get a few hours to myself. Yeah, I’m pretty excited to see her after twenty years or so…

So, it’s been a very nice Friday for me. I have planned to go out with the Kids, to that Rainforest park, but my son is pretty bent on working with his house project. We’re almost done now, we’ve painted it and just letting it dry so we can work on it more tomorrow. And while taking a break, playing catch up with blogging, we’re eating our Chocolate ice cream.

Ahhh, but when we thought we’re having a grand time together, the earth shook again. 😦 And here goes my Sophia, clinging and reading what I am typing at the same time. I guess, it’s time to stop here. I’ll tell you all about the big earthquake that hit Central Visayas last October 15, next time.

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