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For a day and a half, we’ve been working on my son’s school project, a house model. We used the styropor that he’s already cut up as the base, and I bought some cardboard, which we formed as the house itself.

But before that, we searched through the all-knowing Google and YouTube, for tutorials on making model houses, still, they all looked a bit complicated to me. Fortunately, I found one from Pinterest, which I think, came originally from this website: design-conscious.co.uk. Here’s the design…


I fell in love with the simplicity of the design, with its non-triangular roof (which is for me, very complicated), I immediately thought of a modified shoebox. So, we chose this design and got on to it.

I have also contacted my brother, who’s an Architect living in Singapore, and asked him if we can use his old materials, to add to this house. He said yes, and even gave us a lot of tips for its construction. He even sent us this simple floor plan, should we decide to design the interior part.


We got so excited making this project, and so happy when we finally finished the house. You want to see it? Here goes …


We can now all relax, knowing that we do not anymore have any pending projects. And I, I can take it easy with work today … coz I think, I want to make a king-size bed for the playhouse. 🙂

Tschau! Till next time …

See yah!