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I often like to imagine myself being able to bend time, or create more than 24 hours in a day. Why? Because I am a fulltime mom, with an almost fulltime job! So even on a Saturday afternoon, I am supposed to be working right now. I mean, you know like, office work… it’s just that, I don’t happen to work in an office. I work at home. For some of you, who may have read my previous posts, I have written about how I had so much time in my hands, sitting and crocheting at home while waiting for the Kids to come home from school. And so, I got me a job. It’s an online, homebased job for a price comparison service company – AllKeyShop (there! I finally said it, but you must already know since I have had a couple of posts for our game giveaways!) 😀

Saturdays are the busiest days of the week for me. The only good thing is, we don’t have to wake up at 4:30, like on a weekday. Nevertheless, it is not a day to stay and be cozy in bed. I have to get the Kids ready for their piano lessons at 8:00. Their piano teacher lives next door so, I take them out, say hi to the teacher and hurriedly go home to do the laundry. It’s the perfect time to clean the house, too! So when the Kids are back from their lessons, everything should be spic and span. I would be able to work for a couple of hours, have lunch with the Kids, then work again till it’s time to take them to Arnis. For a normal Saturday, that is usually a total of 4 hours, including our drive to and from the city center. One time, it was longer than 4 hours, as it was raining so hard and we got stucked in the mall, due to flooding in the streets. But speaking about Arnis, they have come to love this martial art since I have introduced it to them in the last weeks of April 2013. Since then, they’re hooked to it, especially my son, who has been eyeing to join in the City Olympics and other Arnis competitions next year. Earlier though, we were threatened with a gloomy and some kinda stormy weather and so, we decided to just chill out >.

And so it happened, I started browsing, and browsing … looking for gaming sites till it took me to WP and Michael Lai’s blog. Like me, he’s Asian and not a native English speaker. He also claims that writing is not his top skill. Well, I thought I was the only one who said that a few months back. And that was exactly the reason why I started blogging! Then I realized, it’s been a while since I really wrote something. Did you notice? Hah, got yah!

I have actually slowed down a bit, temporarily putting Stitchenjoy at the back seat. I want to enjoy more of Life, the Kids and the World, while they are still in my grasp. I want to take more pictures, from my old phone camera and dream that one day, I’ll own a real Nikon. There’s a lot that I still would like to do, and share with you all!

So, till next time …

Thanks for stopping by!