My Minions

I am creating a lot of minions, this time of the year. Minion hats, to be exact [but I’d like to think of them as my minions by the time they’ll be wearing my hats… hee hee]. Oh, but I am not despicable – believe me!
After I made these hats for my Kids, a lot of people have ordered, and it is what’s keeping me busy these days. I’ve learned from my Crochet friends that character beanies/hats are in demand for Christmas, and they start making them this early just to keep up with orders.  I have only finished 1 hat, I still have 14 more to go + 1 baby bootie.
So, I am back to juggling Mother duties, making hats, working in the evenings… and hoping to still be able to visit WordPress once in a while. 😀

Thanks for stopping by…
See yah!