I was on Pearl’s Peril this morning, and was into this scene when Marina and Pearl are about to part ways. Both of them were wishing each other, nothing but blue skies ahead.  I’m not a native English speaker, but I guess I know what that means.  Nevertheless, I googled it just to get a perfect grasp of this figure of speech.

The search has brought me quite a number of answers. For some, ‘blue skies’ stand for something impractical, of no value and unrealistic. Like one having blue-sky ideas, or blue-sky projects… For the others, and that includes me, we take an optimistic view of the metaphor. With the sun shining on a clear sky, I can only think of happiness. You can just imagine today, the sun is shining at its brightest and is taking away the gloominess of yesterday’s cloud and rain. With everything bright and sunny, one can always go to the beach and unwind… yes, that is so possible here in our paradise island, Cebu. (Ahhh! I’ll share Cebu with you some other time.) When everything’s bright {and sunny, again}, we also tend to look at the brighter side of things and expect a good, if not, better outcome.  So, for Pearl and Marina’s farewell scene, one clearly understands that although they were not the best of friends, both ladies were wishing each other well.

Searching has also brought me to the game developer’s website today, Wooga.  They’re based in Berlin, Germany and they happen to be looking for an English-speaking Player Experience Manager.  My palms are itching, wanting to send an application, but I have yet to talk this out with my Mann. He lives near Köln, and we are to apply for family reunification or so visa… I simply cannot work in the east of Germany, while my family lives in the west side of it. Aaaargh! I am so tempted. Perhaps, looking at these pictures will help clear my mind.


And for all of you out there, I wish you nothing but blue skies ahead.  🙂

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