Hey …how’s the weather down there? 🙂

On this side of the world where I am right now, it’s gloomy with a few scattered rainshowers. So that makes me happy having done with the laundry yesterday. This morning, I spent my time sending out applications for an online job. You see, I’ve been working for about 18 years and then suddenly, I plunged into being a fulltime Homemaker. Not that I am regretting it, no! It’s just that after a year of home organization, and trying to manage the kids, I am left with nothing to do at times – especially, when the kids are in school. On a positive note, I am sure I’ll find something online other than blogging.

And speaking of blogs, which have entranced me greatly since the start of this year, I am slowly falling in love with WordPress. Now I am starting to ask myself a lot of questions, with still no answers. Though I am not in a hurry to find the answers, I thought of writing them down in a blog, hoping that someone will come across it and perhaps, have the answer.

Here they are … Would I be able to ‘re-post’ my blogs here to my blogger.com site? Is there a way I can import my old blogs from the other site to WordPress? Oh, I’d certainly want to do the second one, so I would not have to maintain two blog sites. If and when that happens, then I cannot go on saying I am a fulltime mom, but a fulltime blogger! LOL.

awww … hussssssssssssssshhh! my daughter has fallen asleep from playing Temple Run.

and here comes the rain again,

falling on the rooftops, like teeny-weeny  beating drums




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