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they’re everywhere!

So, the Kids and I have considered for some time

to join Cosplay events.

We have not decided on anything yet, but when my daughter and I came across a very affordable ‘golden’ wig,

we grabbed one

and thought about Goldilocks, or a Mädchen wearing a Dirndl, or perhaps Pearl from Starlight Express!

We got home, and with the wig in possession,

everyone now wants to become blondie…

First one to try it out was Sophia, of course.



I don’t know, but with the above pic

I think, she looks more like Barbie than Goldilocks.

And next applicant to the Goldilocks position is my son,

Veenz Bjorn.

Well, Bjorn is a Scandinavian name, which means ‘bear’.

So, should he be the bear instead of Goldilocks?

But just the same, he tried the wig on,

and though he said that we agreed for me not to post the picture,

I did not – never agreed to it.

In fact, I never can remember that we had this agreement before I took a shot. 🙂



And last, but not the least, contender for the Goldilocks position is

Aeris March!



Aeris is my (almost) sis-in-law’s daughter, who has come to visit us for the weekend.

So, who should be Goldilocks, among the three bears?





I can’t make up my mind.

Maybe, all three of them!

Hope you had fun with us

Thanks for stopping by…

See yah!