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Today, I met with online friends – ladies who have joined an Annulment page on Facebook. You see, I’ve had my first marriage annulled and having gone through the process for two, long years, I have dealt with a lot of depression, pain and humiliation (from court clerks). I had to bear their lack of enthusiasm and sarcastic remarks, because I direly needed them to work on and finish my documents. I was alone then, or rather, my only source of strength were my Fiance and my Kids. But then, they do not know anything about the process…

So, having finished with the annulment, I have stumbled upon this group on FB. I still had a few questions about the process and so, I posted it on the site. The admin’s really great, as she is so ever ready with her answers. Of course, the other members are there too! I also found a new sense of satisfaction when I am able to answer somebody else’s question, knowing that somehow I was able to help them to better understand the process. Here’s where I met my new set of friends online… and as a way to help those who have not started their annulment yet, I have agreed to meet them personally and gave tips, and what to expect while the hearings run at court.

annul sissies

Revelyn, Fern, me & my daughter


It was a great 3-hr (or so) meet up. We’ve talked about a lot of things, including WordPress, and so, here I am… just about to finish creating my new blog account. It was fun! I’d definitely do it again. 🙂


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