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One of my daughter’s incisors gone loose again. It has been for weeks now. And I have offered to pull it out, but she nervously refused me everytime. She said she’ll just eat lots of apples, hoping that a bite would finish it off like she did before. It never did it this time.

So today, I took out a blue thread (before was always a red one), willing that she won’t notice it. Ugh! but she did and the next thing that happened was her bawling! Luckily she calmed down, and let me tie the thread to her tooth. I had to tug twice, and here it is!

Pia’s upper right incisor

Oh great timing! The ice cream man was passing by … and let her choose whatever she likes coz I’m her mommy, dentist and tooth fairy rolled into one!

Happy toothless Pia, with her treat!

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