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I know it’s already June, but I had to wait for the last day of May (for the pics) to post this. 😀

Flowers of May, or Flores de Mayo as we call it, is a month-long festival here in the Philippines. It is held in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and devotees offer prayers and flowers to her image. On the last day of the Flores de Mayo, a Santacruzan is held in honor of Queen Helena (Reyna Elena) of Constantinople and of her son, Emperor Constantine (Constantino), for finding the True Cross in Jerusalem.

So starting the first of May, my youngest daughter signed up at our Parish Church to be one of the angels every afternoon, for the Flores de Mayo. She donned white wings and a halo, and I naturally, had to make a matching white angel dress for her.

Sophia Yvonne, in her white angel dress with wings and halo

For our village, she was also chosen as our representative for the Angel of May title …

Sophia Yvonne, in her pink Angel of May gown. With her is her best friend, Meri Lane (right side of pic)

My daughter actually attended 2 Flores de Mayo … one in the morning at our village chapel, where she also had Catechism class, and one in the afternoon at our parish church. Though she told me, she likes the one in church better because of the dance and the songs they sing. 🙂

For the Santacruzan, she was chosen as one of the Guardian Angels. My daughter, knowing me, has asked for a nice new gown with a really big skirt. I would have said no, but grandma was feeling generous and gave us satin and amunzen crepe for the new gown. She also gave Pia silver sandals to go with it.

Sophia Yvonne

I personally made the flower wreath, finished it before I searched in youtube how to make one. I think, I made too much of it so my daughter complained that it is a bit heavy on her head. 😀

Sophia, with the other Angels at the Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church

And due to some scattered rain, the Santacruzan only lasted a good 20 minutes, which was followed by the last Flores de Mayo – with Kids and devotees offering flowers to the Blessed Mother.

It may be my daughter’s first and last ‘Flores’. We do not know yet. But if we have not flown to Germany yet by May next year, she’ll surely donn her wings again!

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