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My two young Kids and I are looking forward to a new beginning in the coming months, with their father in Germany. When that happens, I know that they will acquire more of the German culture and way of life.

So it was a perfect learning opportunity for my Kids, to help them understand and value our Heritage, as we joined others in visiting our museums and heritage sites here in Cebu. That special night was called Gabii sa Kabilin (GSK), or Night of Heritage, which was inspired by the Lange Nacht der Museen (Long Night of Museums) in Germany.

Our first museum was the Jose R. Gullas (JRG) Halad Museum. It is a musically-themed museum, which houses different music mementos. Here, we also registered for the Cosplay contest of GSK.

The Turntable and Gramophone, which play songs from a vinyl record – which, my kids call, the grandpa of CDs

Enjoying the music of Ben Zubiri, Vicente Rubi, Domingo Lopez, Manuel Velez and the UV Chorale      
With a Linambay painting. Linambay is a stage play, depicting a battle between Moros and Christians
My daughter, Sophia Yvonne, with Mrs. Nena Gullas and the Founder of the museum, Mr. Jose R. Gullas – who shook hands with the UV Chorale after their endearing performance

Our next stop was the University of Southern Philippines – Rizaliana Museum. It was listed as a venue for the Cosplay judging and so we went … and there, my Kids saw some of the works and clothes of our beloved national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. For them, he is no longer someone written only in their books. He’s real!

A sculpture of Dr. Rizal, with his mother as his patient
Sophia Yvonne and Veenz Bjorn, with a bust of Dr. Jose Rizal
Mmmm … sharing a taste of Dr. Rizal’s favorite food

The third Cosplay judging site was the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House, and so that was our next stop. The Parian District was abuzz with music and excitement of people who were visiting the House for the first time.
My Kids were captivated by the old house – the flooring, the furnitures, religious images and most especially, the Sungka! I’m sure one can still buy a sungka somewhere …

With the judge of the Cosplay contest, taken in front of the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House.

[ Sorry, I am only using my phone cam which does not have a flash. This is surely one of those times that I wish I have a DSLR!]

Via bus line 1, our fourth stop was the San Nicholas de Tolentino Parish Church, which was established in 1584. When my son heard the year, he started counting backwards for a while, then just stopped and said that it is really very, very old!

The Kids, listening to our guide at the San Nicholas de Tolentino Parish Church
My son insisted on taking a pic of one of the stained glass Stations of the Cross. Why? Because it was ordered from a German firm, and I think, he wants to show this to his Daddy.  
Panecitos – The curative Pan (Bread) of San Nicolas. We brought a pack home, as gift to Lolo (Grandpa) Poniong

We wanted to watch Arnisadors in action from this site too, but they were not ready with their show yet so we took the Line 1 bus again, and passed by the Taboan market, Tres de Abril marker, and the bus driver asked us if we wanted to stop by the Calamba Cemetery, which was a meeting site for the Katipuneros in the planning of the battle of Tres de Abril. 

We all said NO to the cemetery visit, and proceeded to the Fo Guang Shan Chu Un Temple.

At the Fo Guang Shan Chu Un Temple
Learning Chinese calligraphy
Serious with their calligraphy lessons, with the Buddha at the background

From the Temple (with my son crying, because he doesn’t want to leave yet), we took the Line 4 bus going to Fuente, for a short food and restroom break, and proceeded to our next destination by foot, the Cebu City Museum (CCM). Here were given the Kiddie Passport, only to realize that we were supposed to earn 2 stars from our Temple visit had we been given passports earlier. Ohhh, I just had an idea, which stopped my son’s crying.
When we entered the CCM, the Kids asked me if there are live dinosaurs or tiny people inside the museum. I am not sure why they asked, but the place did somehow make me feel like Ben Stiller spending a night at the museum. And while we were at the top floor, the lights flickered and went out, and the Kids really thought things are going to come alive! Thankfully, they did not and was able to enjoy the sight and feel of the gowns on display.

The Sinulog Festival Queens’ gowns on display

I love them all! You see, I make dresses and gowns myself, but not as elaborate as those on display. How I wish I can make sophisticated gowns like these!  Ah, then I saw the wistful look of my son, and I know it’s time to go back to the Temple. Lucky us, we did not have to wait long for the bus!

This is what he came back for, to learn how to make the Shuriken – or the star that ninjas throw at you!

 Well, we also got the 2 stars stamped on their kiddie passports, which means we need 2 more stars to get a Heritage Champion button pin.

Posing for me, while her brother was busy making his paper Shuriken
Happy Kids and Teachers at the Fo Guang Shan Chu Un Temple

Our next stop was the Senior Citizen Park, where we took our tartanilla (or calesa, horse-drawn carriage) ride going to Fort San Pedro and Plaza Independencia.

In an effort to capture our tartanilla ride, are the blurry images of my Kids and the horse 😀

We have been to Fort San Pedro and Plaza Independencia before so, we did not take anymore pictures. Also, we had to look for someone who’s in charge of stamping the kiddie passports. Ah, but we did not see her so we hopped on to the next Line 6 bus we saw, which was on its way to Talisay City.

On the way, we stopped by the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel. My Kids have been to this chapel before, but it was the first time for me. As they said, you must make a wish the first time you enter a church. I did not know if it’s true for chapels, but I made one anyway! 🙂

At the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel

It was only a 10-minute visit, as we caught the bus ready to leave. We did not want to stay behind to wait for the next ride going to Talisay as we only had an hour left before midnight.

Philippine money years ago, on display at the Museo de Talisay
Wondering how this old telephone, without numbers, worked
For the love of dressmaking, I have to take a pic of these old sewing machines
An attachment to my passion for the Sikwate (Hot Choco drink)
Old oil lamps, with my daughter hoping to find a genie inside one of those
At the Museo de Talisay

We finished our tour minutes before Midnight, when all the Museums and Heritage Sites would close. We got the kiddie passports stamped, and luckily, a visit to the Talisay Museum earned us 2 stars. That means …

We are Heritage Champions!

we got the button pins and YES, we are Heritage Champions!

I have, as well as the Kids, gained so much from those 9 sites (not counting twice the temple visit) we’ve visited. They have truly taught us what the past was about, and how Cebu and the Cebuanos have become what we are now. And as a mom, I will make sure the imprint stays with my children as they continue weaving their future in a different land.

To the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc., and the sponsors of the GSK, THANK YOU for this wonderful annual event. 

Thanks for stopping by.
See yah!