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I was unsure of what to blog today, whether I write something about my mother or just the usual stuff that I make. Then I thought I’d just greet all the mothers out there a HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY — Alles Gute zum Muttertag! And that should do it. I’m a mother myself (and understand how hard it is being a mom), but I still can’t bring myself to talk about my mother. In a way though, I am thankful to her. I also thank my other mothers, who have been patient enough to listen, advise, and guide me in my life. I also thank my Kids for making me feel extra special on this day…

And when I’m happy, I usually am able to make things – either from scratch, or recycle/upcycle something. I have been eye-ing this nice pillowcase for some time now. It was used only once on a pillow, and I am kinda saving it for something special (I did not know what it is. I just kept it in my cabinet.)

I tried it on, and as a blouse, it fits me really good! But no, I don’t need it and it would be much prettier on my daughter.

Oops, sorry for the blurry pics but yeah, that’s her!

I wish all the Moms to enjoy this day with their Kids…

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