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About 2 weeks ago, I was asked by friends to dress them up – – – for Cheeky’s garden wedding. First to ask me was Lora. Of course, I’ve been making Lora’s dresses and blouses countless of times so, I said yes. Hers was a venus-cut mullet (hi-low) dress. I breezed through it, did not take me much time since I already have her pattern. Here’s the dress, ready for fitting.

After I finished this dress, I got a surprise SMS from Cheeky’s friend asking me to also make one for her. I hesitated, as I do not know much about her style. I made for her a V-neck drape dress, which I am glad, she liked (and got approval from Cheeky). So, here’s the Shirley dress (with my daughter as the model, coz Shirley is a bit slim as compared to my mannequin.)

And here’s both Lora and Shirley (Cheeky’s Maids of Honor) during the wedding …

Lora in front, while Shirley’s behind her.  

Shirley and her escort
Cheeky and her bridesmaids!

Aren’t they lovely?

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