I started to learn crochet a few months back, and I’ve made tons of headbands, flowers and beanies for my kids and their friends. And so, I know how to make them without looking at patterns. And while I’ve been making dresses and crocheting, I’ve also been pinning a lot of crochet stuff in between. One of those are the baby ballerina flats/slippers. I just find them sooooo cute, and I’ve looked up for a pattern or two, but I have never really made them till Baby MK came.

Her mom asked me to make a monkey beanie for her, which I finished in a day…
She also asked me to make those cute ballerina slippers for MK. I said yes, although I was not sure how to make them at that time. 😀
I had to watch a lot of youtube vids, but followed the one made by Sabrina, of cakesbysabrina 

She really makes a lot of beautiful stuff, and I must say, “Thanks, Sabrina!”

So, here they are, the beanie and the shoes. 🙂

This is the first shoe I made, to try out how the finished one looks like.

Now, I am trying to make Amigurumi for the Kids. We’ll see what I can make then …

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