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The Kids decided they wanted to learn Archery and Arnis, in which, lessons were given for free in their school. Both were excited as Week 17 approaches. On the first day, Naim backed out and opted to stay at home to play games on the PC. Only Pia was interested enough to go to school.

We were there earlier than 8 o’clock, for registration.
There were only a handful of Kids who wanted to join the training, and all of them wanted to sign up for Archery. Now, Pia wanted to sign up for it, with nobody left to train for Arnis! This happened so fast, I ended up being the only student of Arnis.

On the second day, I asked Naim to come with us, telling him how Pia shot 2 arrows close to each other. Hmmm, that got him interested enough! When we got there, I gathered all Archery students and told them to join Arnis. The plan was to have Arnis training from 8-10:00 and Archery class will follow. The Kids were happy with this, coz now they get to learn 2 instead of just one. I also noticed the group has grown, from 5 Kids to now, 16. We now lacked rattan sticks to use and I had to give up mine.

The Kids breezed through with both their trainings, and made a few close friends towards the end of the week. The Arnis coach also saw potential for my son during his second day of class, and as we asked for a special training, he gladly took my son under his wing. So that aside from the morning classes, we also go to the coach’s school to have my son train with him for 1.5 – 2 hours – for FREE! Naim’s really having the time of his life!

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