Week 16 (April 15 – 19, 2013) was a week of fun and learning for the Kids {and mommies}, who registered in McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop.

We started with a facility tour, and for the first time, saw what McDonald’s was like from behind those counters. The Kiddos then were taught the basics: welcoming/greeting a customer, cup sizes and how to fill them up, cleaning the dining area, how to properly wash their hands… and the values of hardwork, teamwork, discipline and responsibility.

They painted their own aprons … made their cheeseburgers (and the favorite part, eating them, of course!)
They sang the Kiddie Crew Anthem and danced the Ronald dance…
I think, what they love the most was when they assisted the service crew, and got assigned at the counter, drive thru area, ice cream station or even at the lobby – cleaning tables and handing stickers to kid customers.

Cheeseburger-making, and eating them afterwards!
Their whole week in a Collage.

My 7 y.o. daughter, Sophia, and her friend, Meri Lane, are first-timers to the workshop – and everyday for the past week, Sophia has been so eager. She’s even asked me if she can really work there once they are finished with the workshop. Awwww… 😦  told her no, because she’s too young for this kind of job. It’s a good start though, that she learned those values which can be applied at home and in school. She’s so into it and was surprised when she volunteered to do an intermission number with her friend, during the Recognition Day.

As for my son, Bjorn, this is the second time for him, which made him lead their batch. For this, he earned the Kiddie Crew of the Week Award – and was asked to speak in front of 38 Kiddie Crew and parents. It was only a short speech, but it has made me so proud. Both of them made me so proud! I see that both of them can step up, when they really want to (and yes, I encourage them to do so 😀 …)

Well, we have approximately 7 more weeks before summer ends and that means, still more time to have lots of fun and learn something at the same time. 🙂

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