Our normal, grown up lives have been infused with fun, excitement and youth in the past 2 weeks.
Thanks to Bubbles Akhykou!
Akiko, as I fondly call her, is my nephew’s (my first cousin’s son’s) daughter.
And so technically, she’s my granddaughter.
[Yes, call me old woman. I don’t mind at all …]

the first time she got here, was crying a lot.
We were then strangers, and she was in an unfamiliar territory.
oh my, it must have been so stressful for the baby.
But as the days passed, she got to know us a lot better and started to trust us.
I carry her more often and take strolls outside the house now.
It’s so much fun!
And yes, I missed how sweet a baby smells, its laughter and cries … 
with my youngest child going to be 8 years old this July.

she’s refreshing!
Yet nothing lasts forever.
Yesterday, her mother finished her internship in the city and they had to head back for home.
It’s sad, and I am starting to miss the little girl.
On the other hand, I am glad to have made her a dress and a beanie as gift for her 1st birthday, which is today.

We may not be there to celebrate your special day, but you are in our hearts, little Akiko!

Akiko, with the spring-inspired dress and beanie that I made for her.  

Happy Birthday!
May you grow up to be a good and happy girl.

Thanks for stopping by.
see yah!