Such a lovely day!
The Kids and I woke up, earlier than usual. I guess, everyone is excited to celebrate Easter.

We all started with … egg-hunting, of course!
The Kids looked up, down, over, under, everywhere. 😀
you just can see the rush of finding the most number of eggs.
I got caught up with all the fun and excitement that I now realize I have not taken a single pic for this activity 😦

Oh, and since they knew there were only 12 hidden eggs, Naim stopped looking when he got his 6th egg and left the rest of the eggs for his sister to find. Isn’t that sweet? So when he said he wanted to make something out of the boiled eggs, I can only say yes.

This is what he made…

He saw it from one of my pinned pics in Pinterest, and immediately wanted to make one for himself.
Cute …

The rest of the day was spent with lots of food, laughter, karaoke and movie marathon.

Ahhhh, such a lovely day!
Thanks for stopping by.

See yah!