I cannot remember if Maryjane was my classmate in Grade School or in High School. All I can remember was how she can be quiet and not showy as the other girls, but at the same time knowing how to make one laugh. She’s humble, kind, caring … and I’ve met her again last year, as we were part of the different committees which headed our Batch Reunion in August 2012. I caught an eye of her last Friday      (the 15th), while she was with her kids on the other side of N.Bacalso Avenue – probably waiting for the light to turn red so she and the kids can cross the street and take a ride home. I was then on my way to the city center, and as the jeepney was packed, I did not have a chance to call and wave to her. I did not know it was my last time to see her.

March 22, 2013, she was on her morning jog when suddenly someone just grabbed her and stabbed her fourteen times. She was rushed, but unfortunately, did not make it to the hospital. Poor Jane! I couldn’t think how someone who doesn’t even know her, can do something like this. She, who’s sweet and loving – who actively lends a hand in giving back to the community and helping the less fortunate.

Jane, you have touched so many lives.
You have touched mine. Thank you!
I pray that wherever you are right now, I hope you find peace.

Bye, Jane…
till we meet again.