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My friend’s daughter was chosen to play as the Munchkin Girl in their school play, Wizard of Oz.  And knowing what I do, she’s asked me to make the costume for her daughter.

And yes, I did! 

I used a dark green Oxford for the bodice, white Peach Twill (here, with 1/4″ satin ribbons that I’ve attached). The inset (upper right pic) shows green/white stripes for the skirt, light green satin for leaves, white satin for the petals, yellow and green soft tulle and materials for a petticoat.

I also had to make the boots using a black satin cloth and some leatherette for the soles. For the hat, that should be just felt cloth, with a daisy attached in front. We had a hard time looking for the daisy, but good thing I was in the Mall, at the Home Decor department… yep, there it was ~ the daisy!

Here’s the finished costume, with my daughter as the model (so the costume’s a little big on her). Of course, she did not mind. She loved it, in fact, and would like me to make one for her!

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