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I come from a family who is very much into Crochet. Verrrrrry much! My Aunts (paternal & maternal sides) and mother used to crochet curtains, table runners and all sorts of doilies. I would look at them with awe and wonder, silently making a vow to myself to learn the craft.

I have tried it so many times, and everytime I’d say I quit. It was too complex for me then, and my fingers ache in trying to control the tension. I never thought I’d get it one day, but it started with a broken sewing machine, and I am left for hours doing nothing. So, I searched in youtube for a teacher, and … *poof*

My cellphone case and Renate’s coaster doily
My daughter’s really happy with all of her new headbands!

And beanie … 

I want to make an infinity shawl/scarf and hats, but we don’t have a use for them right now so those projects can wait. I think, I’ll just make a duplicate of Renate’s coaster (coz it looks nice, and I don’t have a pattern for it. I just made it up and I might forget the design. LOL! but YES! that’s one thing to do for this week 😀 )

So, I  wish you all a good week ahead.
See yah!