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Whew! I realized I have not visited this site for ages!
I got busy with a lot of Motherhood Stuff, plus my laptop acting up … but finally, I’m back! 😀
My youngest daughter’s school project is to make a doll from an empty Yakult bottle, yarn, scrap fabric, and just anything that I kept inside a box for a long time. This is never my thing so, I tried to google instructional videos and blogs to help us with it. Here’s where I got the idea from:  http://papemelroti.blogspot.com/2012_07_01_archive.html
Thank you, Papemelroti!

And here, I wanted to show you how I did it.

The basic things that you’ll need: Yakult bottle, fiberfill/foam, glue, wire/paper clips, scissors, old pair of stockings, scrap fabric. Of course, you are free to add anything to use as props and accessories for your doll.
There’s the Yakult bottle, and the first doll that I made. Oh, and I also needed sand to put into the bottle, to give it some weight.
Next thing to do is to make the head by stitching a circle at the center of a piece of stocking. Gather those stitches, and fill it up. Here, I used a fiberfill material as stuffing. Don’t cut the extra stocking. It will be the doll’s skin later on.
I hot glued some foam at the front and back to form the chest and behind. I also attached the cardboard circle to cover the bottle and keep the sand inside.
Attach the head and cover the bottle with the stockings (that’s hanging from the head).
Now, it’s time to work on the arms. Here, I used craft wire, and I know in the first picture I showed 2 red paper clips which I intended to use for the arms. Well, I changed my mind. I realized that craft wire is more pliable and is easier to work with. 😀 The wires will serve as the bones, and I have added some foam to become the muscles… Again, you’ll be needing some stocking, to cover both wire and foam.
That’s the base of doll #2
Get ready to dress your doll up. I have tons of scrap fabric, which I have collected from my dressmaking projects … And I wanted to make Alice in Wonderland, so I picked this blue and white. If you want a fluffy skirt, then go ahead and put some tulle on. 😉
There’s the 2nd doll, with her blue skirt. I put a nice white apron in front, and since I messed up with the hair, I decided to put a beautiful red cape to cover her head. Now I have Little Red Riding Hood, who is on her way to visit her grandmother. The green placard that she’s holding? Well, it says, Submitted By: Sophia Yvonne. 🙂

Sophia’s dolls: Little Red Riding Hood and Empress Orchid!