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Hey there!

It’s a gloomy Tuesday morning on this side of the planet. And when the weather gets to be like this, I cannot think of sitting in front of my portable sewing machine. I don’t know, must be old age getting into me… It’s just that I need natural sunlight to sew (see) better.

So I thought, I’d better share the 2 new dresses that I’ve added to my 2013 collection.
Here they are …

The Bella Abstract
And this second one, I call ‘Das Mädchen‘.
I made these 2 for my oldest daughter, Christine.  But ugh! She is not interested in wearing dresses! Yes, yes … I get frustrated sometimes but what more can I do except keep wishing that one day she will wear all that I’ve made for her. 
Hope it will come, soon.  🙂
Love lots,