While I was still a regular employee, I enrolled myself in a dressmaking class which lasted five (5) months. During weekdays, I go to work ~ weekends, I go to school. We were taught only the basics, but since then I have visited a lot of blogs (Me Sew Crazy and Heartmade Creations, are two of my favorite sites) and created a lot of stuff.

I would want to put them all here, but I’ll save that for later. I thought I should start with the first dress I made for my youngest daughter this year. It is made from silver gray satin, turquoise pongee lining, turquoise ribbon and some ready-made ruffles.

Here’s the dress: 

I have added a very simple bead work on the front bodice…

While the back looks like this:

Good thing I found ready-made ruffles of the same color… (check out the ruffles that I attached on the armhole). You can also see that the back skirt pleats are the same as on the front.

My daughter, Sophia, did not know what I was making for her and she was the happiest girl I saw when she saw her new dress. 

Awww, there she is with big bro … on our way to my niece’s wedding.

And here she is again, having fun at the wedding reception.

Oh! you might be wondering about the title: The Mirror (Der Spiegel auf Deutsch). It’s just that I am fond of playing Dragon City, and this dress reminds me of my Mirror Dragon.


Love lots,